“What’s the point of content?” thinking beyond the white paper

By: Inge de Jong 31 March 2023
Deeply Digital founder Richard Strange is known for two mantras. The first one is: “What’s the point of content?” by which he means marketers should never, ever, create content for the sake ...
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My first year in digital marketing

By: Viktoria Evtimova 9 February 2023
If I could choose the format, this blog would’ve been a Tik Tok. However, I was asked to write a blog and was not allowed to use Chat GPT, tragic. So here goes nothing, or something, if you ...
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Using AI to create content for your business - a blog written by AI

By: Inge de Jong 6 October 2022
So I asked our head of development Matt to write a blog article. Development is a huge part of what we do, so why not share more development stories? Within days after I asked, Matt came to ...
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The crisis of trust- how to restore relationships with B2B buyers

By: Inge de Jong 21 September 2022
We're facing a full-blown crisis of trust, and it's not confined to just B2B marketing. The latest Edelman trust barometer reveals that trust in politicians and companies has hit an ...
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Content to convert - why you don’t need to gate content for an engaged B2B audience

By: Alex Maidment 23 August 2022
Every so often, I receive a flurry of emails (and even some phone calls) trying to sell me something or arrange a demo for a product or service I don’t remember signing up for. My first ...
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How to Structure a Marketing Team in 2022

By: Emma Rudeck 5 August 2022
Conventional wisdom when structuring a marketing team is simple. If you’re a small company, recruit a core team of marketing generalists that can cover a wide range of activity. If you’re a ...
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The B2B lead gen paradox- are you generating contacts or customers?

By: Inge de Jong 2 August 2022
About a year ago, I got a call from one of my favourite clients. The feeling was mutual, as their head of marketing had always been very pleased with our B2B lead gen campaigns. They got ...
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Too much feedback will kill you - go with version 3!

By: Inge de Jong 26 April 2022
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Open the gate! Should we stop using gated content?

By: Inge de Jong 6 April 2022
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How to get a foot in the digital marketing world

By: Viktoria Evtimova 10 January 2022
Let's face it, the job market is in a very weird place at the moment. LinkedIn has become a push and pull platform between employers and applicants who are wondering: 'where are the ...
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Clarify your message and make your customer the hero

By: Josh Hooper 11 September 2020
Here at Deeply Digital, a few of us have been reading the book ‘Building a Storybrand’ by Donald Miller. In short, the book outlines that all successful stories follow a 7 step framework. ...
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How to make engaging marketing videos in-house

By: Katie Nelson 28 October 2019
So, you want to create a marketing video, but you have no budget left. Good news: you can still create content worth sharing and capable of drawing in an audience without any outside help.
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