How to Structure a Marketing Team in 2022

By: Emma Rudeck 5 August 2022
Conventional wisdom when structuring a marketing team is simple. If you’re a small company, recruit a core team of marketing generalists that can cover a wide range of activity. If you’re a ...
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The B2B lead gen paradox- are you generating contacts or customers?

By: Inge de Jong 2 August 2022
About a year ago, I got a call from one of my favourite clients. The feeling was mutual, as their head of marketing had always been very pleased with our B2B lead gen campaigns. They got ...
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Too much feedback will kill you - go with version 3!

By: Inge de Jong 26 April 2022
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Open the gate! Should we stop using gated content?

By: Inge de Jong 6 April 2022
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How to get a foot in the digital marketing world

By: Viktoria Evtimova 10 January 2022
Let's face it, the job market is in a very weird place at the moment. LinkedIn has become a push and pull platform between employers and applicants who are wondering: 'where are the ...
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Clarify your message and make your customer the hero

By: Josh Hooper 11 September 2020
  Here at Deeply Digital, a few of us have been reading the book ‘Building a Storybrand’ by Donald Miller. In short, the book outlines that all successful stories follow a 7 step framework. ...
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How to make engaging marketing videos in-house

By: Katie Nelson 28 October 2019
  So, you want to create a marketing video, but you have no budget left. Good news: you can still create content worth sharing and capable of drawing in an audience without any outside help.
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Workplace flexibility: The hot topic for 2019

By: Katie Nelson 18 October 2019
  A 2018 report by CIPD revealed that 60% of UK workers enjoy some autonomy over their tasks, but found the level of flexibility varies considerably across occupations.
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5 ways to get the best out of HubSpot Conversations

By: Katie Nelson 9 October 2019
  We live in a culture of instant answers. If we have a question, we Google it. If we want to know whether or not a particular celebrity is still alive, we ask Alexa. No one likes waiting ...
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5 positions for the best content marketing team

By: Katie Nelson 30 September 2019
  If you want to create the best content possible, you’re going to need the best content team possible.  What positions does your content team require? And how many people do you need? 
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Incorporating keywords into your blogging strategy: a few simple steps

By: Katie Nelson 13 September 2019
  In order for blogs to attract consistent, targeted audiences, they need solid keyword strategies. Whether you’re new to blogging or want to increase the effectiveness of your content ...
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10 awesome ideas for video marketing content

By: Katie Nelson 6 September 2019
  Are you struggling to engage your audience? Video could be the answer. Research suggests that 53% of customers engage with a brand after they’ve watched a video on social media. You want ...
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