Knowing where to start with content marketing isn't easy. What type of content will work with your audience? How do they prefer to do their research? How can you create a plan that delivers results?

When for Business approached us to develop their first content marketing campaign, their aims were clear. The team wanted to craft a content marketing campaign to identify the most effective forms of content for business travel managers.

This campaign was a first for for Business. While the overall goal was to drive new marketing qualified leads, it was ultimately an experiment to set a baseline for future campaigns. The freedom to experiment was refreshing, meaning we could try new and exciting content formats, such as interactive content.

A unique way of approaching content marketing

We started by producing two eBooks, which formed the backbone of the campaign. One focused on traveller satisfaction, the other on using visuals to communicate with business travellers.

The purpose of creating two was to test topic areas, to see which worked best for the audience.

Using social media ads and email marketing, we A/B tested the eBooks to see which topic we should focus on in more creative content pieces.

The results were clear: using visuals was the most popular topic. We found our content gap, to develop into further content ideas!

Interactive content to engage the audience

Following the success of the eBook, we evolved the winning concept into an interactive tool: The Visual Travel Policy Builder. It is an interactive web-based tool that travel managers could use to create a customised travel policy infographic, unique to their organisation.

Unexpectedly, the tool also worked for the sales team, enabling them to use it as a way to start conversations and increase engagement with prospective customers.

The travel policy builder was ambitious, but testing the topics with written content gave us the confidence to take the risk with an innovative format.