Our Work

Implementing and executing an inbound marketing strategy for Titian

Since 2017, we’ve worked closely with Titian’s owner and head of marketing to develop, execute and optimise an inbound marketing strategy. During this time, we’ve helped to initiate and implement multiple digital marketing content campaigns and launch SaaS offerings, resulting in an increase of leads and opportunities month-on-month, and an increase in overall website traffic.


Titian Software was founded in 1999 and specialises in sample management. We offer software products and consultancy services that help our clients to improve the supply of samples (compounds, biologicals and reagents) to their vital research processes.

Some of the content we’ve created for Titian includes multiple videos (for showcasing services and products, case studies and marketing), blog content, new website pages, email copy and ads.

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As well as content campaigns, we also support Titian with marketing operations, HubSpot support and providing monthly reports to show trends and optimisation opportunities, which all feeds into new campaign ideas.
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More recently, we’ve been working with Titian to position new SaaS products and services in the market, while helping to plan a new marketing strategy that continues to yield strong results, building on the marketing success we’ve had with Titian over the past few years.
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