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Complex HubSpot-based systems that integrate natively into CRM

Since 2018, we’ve worked with the Casio marketing team on a wide range of projects, including website redesign, content campaigns and video resources.

 A real highlight was a system set up, using HubSpot to issue licence codes to schools. The complexity came from the range of licence code options available, the eligibility criteria and the fact we needed to associate two separate contacts to the same deal automatically.


Casio Education aim to support all UK schools and their teaching of mathematics.

Casio’s long history started in calculators with the launch of the Casio 14-A calculator in 1957, a revolutionary new device using 342 electric relays that solved addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problems up to 14 digits.

We based the system around the deal pipeline (custom objects weren’t a HubSpot feature at the time), which controlled all stages of the process, from requests and approval, right through to issuing the codes. A combination of workflows, webhooks and custom code enabled us to automate what had previously been a very manual process: and also ensured that the data was structured in a way to support effective reporting.

More recently, we’ve supported Casio with CRM data optimisation and segmentation, advanced reporting and also  designing and developing a bespoke resource management system.
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Deeply Digital has an unparalleled knowledge of HubSpot and the principles of INBOUND marketing. I have recently completed an entire overhaul of our business' database, collaborating to achieve a meaningful persona-based segmentation of our data and realizing a digital ecosystem that our whole team is proud of. The new infrastructure built with Deeply Digital has tangibly added value to our business as we gained the benefit of their elaborate workflows and insights to achieve great results.


Georgina Luxford,

Casio Electronics Co Limited