Google's take on the current climate of search in 2019

By: Katie Nelson 29 August 2019
  Today’s Google search results are quite different from what they were ten years ago. What was once a list of webpages now contains featured snippets, knowledge panels, related searches ...
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The 3 types of video content: How to integrate video into your marketing strategy

By: Katie Nelson 15 August 2019
  If you’re not using video marketing as part of your marketing strategy, you’re the odd one out. According to a study by Hubspot, 81% of businesses were using video at the start of 2018 as ...
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How to link build in 2019: With a little help from your friends

By: Katie Nelson 6 August 2019
  Google pays a lot of attention to the incoming links to your website. The more links you can gain from authoritative websites, the higher your search rankings are likely to be.
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7 Content Marketing Apps & Tools You Shouldn’t Have to Live Without in 2019

By: Katie Nelson 26 July 2019
  There are many content marketing tools out there. So many, in fact, that it’s possible to spend more time configuring, tweaking, testing and throwing them out than actually getting any ...
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8 Of The Best Slack Communities For Digital Marketers

By: Katie Nelson 17 July 2019
Has your business jumped on the slack brigade yet?  As a digital marketing agency, we’ve been avid users of Slack since 2016, long before the hype kicked off. Today, slack is rivalling even ...
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7 SEO Title Tag Hacks for Increased Rankings AND Traffic

By: Katie Nelson 15 July 2019
There’s so much that goes into a great SEO strategy, but sometimes it’s the simplest of elements that are overlooked.
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The 4 Crucial Lessons Content Marketers Can Learn from Data Journalists

By: Katie Nelson 10 July 2019
It’ll come as no surprise to hear that 90% of the world’s data has been created within the last two years.
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7 Reporting Techniques You Should Expect From Your SEO Company

By: Katie Nelson 8 July 2019
If you’re using a search engine optimisation (SEO) provider, when was the last time you enjoyed reading one of their reports?
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5 of the Best Web Chat Tools for 2019

By: Katie Nelson 21 June 2019
When you last contacted a company, did you dial a telephone number or simply pick up your smartphone and access their web chat facility? Research suggests that over half of consumers are ...
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How can optimising your landing pages result in long-term lead generation? The 6 top questions answered

By: Katie Nelson 19 June 2019
Landing pages can live long, fruitful lives. For instance, HubSpot claims that as much as 90% of its monthly leads are converted on old offers.
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Using interactive content platforms to drive business: 3 quick steps

By: Katie Nelson 13 June 2019
Content marketing is usually a long-game and you’re unlikely to see results immediately after you publish a blog post.
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How to Unite Your Content Strategy With SEO

By: Katie Nelson 7 June 2019
Search engine optimisation (SEO) is all about understanding user behaviour and ultimately creating content that’s best suited to your target audience.
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