CEB SHL Talent gets the Measure of Content

I don’t want to spoil the story by telling you what happened, but the ending is too good to miss.

Within 3 months of launching, CEB SHL’s High Potential (HiPo) Employee Campaign had generated thousands of net new leads.

Admittedly it was a truly global campaign, which was translated into 7 languages and activated by our plan via 22 regional offices - and had a comprehensive budget behind it for design, creative and content.

Start with buyer personas and a very good plan

We developed, delivered and validated personas for the company to use worldwide. Then we wrote the mother of all plans to brief the company’s seven regional marketing directors with a strategy for Inbound Marketing and lead generation.

Content Audit - know the weaponry you have

The Inbound Gameplan was supported with a comprehensive Content Audit which assessed, developed and analysed the current and future value of all the company’s outward-facing content for every stage of the sales process.

Creative: turning data into stories

CEB SHL wasn’t short of data. What they needed was a story to connect and engage with their audience. After interviewing the team behind the HiPo programme, we uncovered the answers that really helped the challenges and frustrations of our persona - and created the content to prove this.