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Creative content brings the stories of everyday superheroes to life

Vistage members are everyday superheroes: leading their businesses, growing teams and helping other Vistage members solve their business challenges.

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Vistage is the world’s largest executive coaching organisation for small and medium sized businesses.

To showcase their successes, we wanted to create a campaign that celebrates the everyday wins of remarkable businesses superheroes.

The campaign started with the idea to create, including case studies, images and videos. We then took it to the next level, by designing and developing two interactive tools to help prospective members get a flavour for what it’s like to be part of Vistage.
The Superpower Quiz posed common business scenarios for people to test how they would react, and the Superpower Analyser let them self-assess their business strengths and discover their own superpowers.
The campaign also included all the promotional materials the Vistage marketing team needed: blog posts, email campaigns, social media posts and ads creative.