10 January 2022 Viktoria Evtimova

How to get a foot in the digital marketing world

We’re here to deliver. To get stuff done. To bring experience, creative, skills and resource to make your project or campaign happen.

Let's face it, the job market is in a very weird place at the moment. LinkedIn has become a push and pull platform between employers and applicants who are wondering: 'where are the candidates? / where are the jobs?'. 


Forbes recently spoke about these changes in the job market, stating: 'There are too many starts and stops in the process.' Companies are holding off interviewing even though they may be interested. On top of that, the worry of hiring the right person is such that interview processes are even longer these days. At the same time, candidates are hesitant to go for any job, worried there may be a new Covid wave and businesses start laying people off. That's why hiring the right people and choosing the right place to work has become harder than ever. 


We're growing at a very fast pace and we’re very much on the trying to find the right people side of the coin. Interested in working at a creative B2B marketing agency? Keep on reading...


What makes a great candidate for us

It's a tough job market for candidates and employers alike at the moment. There's a lot of demand for good people with good skills, which makes it really hard to find the right candidate. 


  • For us, what makes people stand out is being great at communicating. We’re looking for somebody that we can have a conversation with. It's crucial for us because we are all in client-facing roles - even our design and development teams talk to clients daily. It's such a collaborative environment that you need to be comfortable working with your immediate peers, team and clients.

  • Small things like showing up on time for interviews or sending a thank you note are always appreciated- it could make a bigger difference than you think.
  • Our world (B2B) is quite complicated. Having lots of clients is fun, but it does add to the complexity of our job as they all do completely different things. That's why we're also looking for someone who will take on new challenges and never stop questioning things. Every day is different in the DD office, meaning you have to learn quickly, but it will make your experience much more fulfilling.

  • HubSpot experience, while not necessary, is desirable. We are celebrating our more than ten years of HubSpot partnership and Emma, our managing director, is the first certified HubSpot trainer in the UK. That's why it's great having such a big team that specialises in it - you can lean on them and what they know.

A collaborative environment

We interviewed some DD team members about the company’s culture and growth. Cameron (Development team) and Hannah (Marketing team) spoke about the way they approach work, how they've improved their skills and adapted to the role over time.


"I think it's totally exceeded my expectations and I have probably achieved more in this job than I did for the last two years of my previous job" 

Cameron, Development team


A common answer to the question ‘why do you like working in DD?’ around the team is the ever-changing way of working. Being involved with a sheer number of clients and not just focusing on one thing for the whole day is stimulating and challenging at the same time.


"Since I started, there’s been an increase in responsibility, which has made me a lot more independent and confident. I get a lot of varied requests now, some days I'm confident in what I'm doing and other days I’ll get a question that I’ve never heard before. I don’t see this as a negative because it’s part of the learning process - I like to be challenged" 

Hannah, Marketing team


We hope this interview gives you a clearer vision of what it is like to work at a (amazing, if we do say so ourselves) content marketing agency like DD. As we mentioned earlier, we’re still expanding our team and would love to meet new candidates. If working in a dynamic, eager to learn, technology-led B2B agency is up your street, do not hesitate to contact us!

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