26 July 2019 Katie Nelson

7 Content Marketing Apps & Tools You Shouldn’t Have to Live Without in 2019

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There are many content marketing tools out there. So many, in fact, that it’s possible to spend more time configuring, tweaking, testing and throwing them out than actually getting any work done.

There are some gems, though, and in this post, we’ve chosen seven content marketing apps that will prove incredibly useful for your business.

1. Note-taking: Evernote

Everyone needs a decent note-taking app - even if it’s to complement a traditional notebook.

Evernote is hard to beat. It performs just as well as a simple notes app as it does a comprehensive vault for everything important to your business.

You can clip web articles, scan documents, categorise, tag, search PDFs and even collaborate on notes with your team.

Oh, and it syncs across pretty much any device you can think of, too!

2. Content templates: SEMRush

If you’re a user of SEMRush, you might not be aware of this little gem.

Buried in the left-hand menu, you’ll find the ‘SEO Content Template’ feature. Simply enter a keyword around which you’d like to create some content and SEMRush will provide you with virtually everything you need to get started.

It’ll tell you the semantically-related keywords you should use, backlinks to target and the recommended text length. There’s even a rich text editor that enables you to test the content before committing it to your website.

3. Productivity companion:

Some people find music the perfect productivity companion, but if you’re like countless others who struggle to concentrate in a noisy room or with music playing, Noisli could be a little slice of heaven.

Noisli simply plays background noises. From running water to the sound of a forest, there’s a huge number of soothing, familiar sounds within which to lose yourself while you work.

You can even combine sounds to create your own ‘blends’ which can be shared with other users.

4. The friendly editor: Grammarly

Grammarly has been around for quite a while, but it’s incredibly useful for writers or anyone tasked with updating a company blog.

By scanning your writing and taking your lead on the style and audience you’re aiming for, Grammarly points out errors and instances where you can improve the structure of your writing.

It isn’t perfect, but it’s pretty adept at sniffing out problems you’d never have spotted yourself.

Grammarly can also be connected to your browser and apps such as Google Docs to ensure its advice is always close to hand.

5. The Grammarly alternative: Hemingway

Grammarly isn’t the only writing companion worthy of your attention - Hemingway is a brilliant little web and desktop app that assesses the readability of your work.

It’ll point out instances of passive voice, overuse of adverbs and sentences that are hard to read.

Grammarly and Hemingway are very similar in everything but design. Choose the one with which you feel most comfortable.

6. The Word replacement: Bear

Writing in Microsoft Word can be pretty frustrating; there are so many menus, pop-ups and interface elements to distract you.

If this sounds familiar, Bear might be the perfect replacement for your writing tasks.

Featuring a clean, uncluttered layout, Bear enables you to focus on your writing - nothing more.

Rich text editing, export options and note-taking functionality make Bear surprisingly more capable than its stripped-back appearance suggests. But, if you just want a distraction-free writing experience, it’s a tough app to beat.

7. Everything content: GatherContent

If your business is in content, GatherContent is the perfect way to organise, administer and collaborate on every project you undertake.

GatherContent means you’ll no longer spend forever looking for specific blog posts on Google Drive, and provides one platform on which every writer can share their work, comment on others’ and ensure deadlines are met.

Managers can assign tasks to specific people and keep an eye on revision histories. 

GatherContent isn’t free, but it should save you significant time and ensure projects leave the door on time and in the best possible shape.

Wrapping up

There might be just one app above that makes a significant difference to your marketing strategy, or you might use all seven above. Whatever tools you choose - stick with them until you have a genuine need to change.