What workshops do we offer?

Imagineering Workshop

Workshop: 10 am - 4 pm onsite*

30 mins for lunch

Did you ever wonder if what you’re doing is good enough? Should it be 25 leads a day, a week, a month? Did you ever wonder what would happen if you set yourself a big hairy audacious goal?

If your deal size is £30k, what would you do differently if you were asked for £100k per deal. If you set a goal to 5x your sales - how would you do it? and how would you cope? One thing is for sure, what you do if you had 6 months to achieve it would be very different to what you do, how you behave and when you get started if you had 6 years.

Our Imagineering workshop helps you tackle some outrageous challenges. You can use the learning to uncover new performance levels, new strategies and tactics and new value propositions or customer experience innovations.

Take a day and ask, how much is good enough. Learn to be a disrupter, to rethink, to explode your ideas and readjust.

* You’re welcome to come to our offices (we have all the resources we need in the meeting room) including glassboards, flipcharts, TV screens, workshop boards and one of the best lunch deli’s in the UK just around the corner.

Workflows Workshop

Workshop: 10 am - 4 pm onsite*

30 mins for lunch

  • The buyer's journey
  • How to manage lead nurturing at scale - suppression lists/priorities
  • Modern advanced lead nurturing with engagement streams and branching logic
  • Content Mapping - understanding value exchange
  • Why you don’t always need to push for MoFu/BoFu offers
  • Lead scoring basics
  • Lifecycle stages/ segmentation
  • Mapping and creating workflows
  • Why you need to let Sales know what you’re doing

Online Sessions

  1. Preparation and briefing
  2. Workflow performance follow up (+2 weeks)
  3. A/B Testing and advanced workflows

Advanced Workflows

Online Session 2:  TBC - dependant on outcome of workshop 1hr on join.me (10 mins reviewing "homework" from workshop, 30 min training session, 15 mins Q & A, 5 mins setting tasks for next session)

Online session 3 a/b testing workflows and measuring workflow performance: 1 hr on join.me (10 mins reviewing "homework" from session 2, 30 min training, 20 min Q& A)


Tell Me a Story - Hubspot under the hood

Workshop: 1 hour online or 7 hours onsite*

Ever wonder what good looks like? How you can move to the next phase? Why you should be curious about your data. What works and what doesn’t work. All done live in your portal, with your data.

This fast-moving workshops puts your marketing and data to the test to help you understand exactly what’s happening and to provide a powerful list of improvements you can implement.

Tell-Me-A-Story includes

  • Full review of your portal - every tab
  • Useful benchmarks
  • Advanced ideas and how to implement them
  • Managing workflows and what to do next
  • Why your stats are just like they are and where they could be
  • Hubspot full set up review with best practice
  • Access to all the templates, plans and project tools you might need

Persona Workshop

Yes we know you’ve done them before. But listen. Do you use the every day? Do they inform your messaging, your editorial calendar, your lead nurturing and how you plan your customer experience. Do they discuss the whole of the sales cycle?

What we cover in the Persona Workshop

  • Ideal customer
  • Triggers - what happens to make someone take action
  • Buying centre review
  • Future mapping - special section
  • Understanding the customer engagement and the customer experience
  • Two Personas - demographics, challenges, frustrations, issues, how we help
  • Optional Follow up: customer interviews and sanity checking

Training - take just one or do all the modules

  1. How to get better at Business Blogging
  2. How to create Home Run Content
  3. An Introduction to Workflows
  4. How to get the most from social media
  5. How to undertake a Content Audit
  6. How to create an Enterprise Content Machine
  7. Templates - love ‘em or hate ‘em - how to work with them, clone, and edit them
  8. Personalisation
  9. Mobile first - why you need to think differently to using mobile forms
  10. Reporting - how to create goals and live by the numbers
  11. Hubspot CRM/Sales
  12. Tell me a story - why you should stay curious (1 hour online version)

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