Our story begins...

In late 1995, when the Internet was born.

By May 1996, we’d already done our third website launch and scooped a PR Week Awards Best Business Campaign Finalists Award.

By 1998 our founder, Richard Strange, was sitting in a meeting room on the Golden Square discussing major campaigns for M&C Saatchi’s biggest client (because M&C didn’t do ‘The Internet’).

During the 2000s, Rich was scratching his head on projects for Shell and for IBM Global Services Innovation Centre. He lasted at the centre for around a year before deciding to set up deeply digital.  


dd - the agency today

Marketing is a funny term.

What does it mean any more? Does it even have a role in modern business? There are still departments called marketing, but it’s such a broad term.

Saying that we're marketers is like saying we are Healthcare Professionals; there are hundreds of iterations of the job with different specialisms, roles, etc.

Similarly, marketing is just the genre for many different job roles.

So we’re not a marketing agency. We’re not a marketing consultancy.

We do digital.

We do digital, deeply.

So don’t do brochures, exhibition stands, trade shows, TV ads, direct mail, PR, lobbying.

We do digital in the B2B space.

Why choose dd?

This is really hard to answer, because it depends what you’re looking for.

Call us if:

  • You want a specialist digital inbound company
  • You want to build an audience
  • You want to create remarkable content
  • You want to master digital and marketing in your team (operations, organisation, skills transformation)
  • You see digital as a strategic tool
  • You’re a Hubspot or Marketo user and you can’t move to the next phase (normally happens after 6 or 12 months)
  • You need training, support and a game plan to integrate to your business - and you want modern marketing

This is really hard to answer, because it depends what you’re looking for.

Please don’t call us if:

  • You just want something done and don’t care how good it is.
  • You just want to shovel more stuff into the internet-sphere 
  • You’ve tried everything else possible to generate leads and you need something to magically happen over night. 

N.B. we will spot you from your overuse of CAPs in your email and your poor attitude to what we do. 

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