Working with The Future Laboratory

The Future Laboratory identify upcoming trends and specialise in preparing well-known brands for the future.

Their website and marketing is lead by the design and production of forward-thinking, interesting and ultimately bold creative pieces that aim to intrigue and teach the user.

It’s our job to support these creative ideas by developing interactive website content, building new websites, implementing complex marketing workflows and by providing consulting along the way.

Marketing Consulting, Operations and HubSpot

Working closely with The Future Laboratory marketing team, we have been able to offer help and advice on marketing strategy and operations including, but not limited to: lead scoring, membership nurturing workflows, integrations with CRM, e-commerce and their trends intelligence platform as well as reports and attribution and on-going SEO support.

These combined efforts have lead to increased website traffic, more shop sales and better retention on the website.

Website Build and Maintenance

In an online world, a company’s website is often the first touch point for a new prospect or customer, and in The Future Laboratory’s case, it had to show what they stand for while fitting in with their design-led branding.

This resulted in a beautiful website design that we were lucky enough to develop and maintain with ongoing, analytics based website updates. It was a challenging build as for The Future Laboratory, the website is also a gateway to the products they provide and needed to include an in-built shop that works with their e-commerce platform.

Some of the elements that you might not come across on first glance also include smart global content that changes based on your location in the world and alters the content that you see. The website also houses The Future Laboratory’s insight blog that had to be build in a flexible fashion to allow for different content pieces to be added to the blog, from short editorials to long-form content with embedded videos, images and even a game.

Creative Activation Development

This is where the creative shines. As a company that host a lot of large industry events each year, The Future Laboratory go all out to impress their guests, with an event related piece of content that gives additional information to the event attendees as well as all those who come across it on the web.

We’re not talking about just nice looking website pages here, we’re talking about one-of-a-kind creative pieces that take the form of games, interactive website content, mini-treasure hunts, timelines and brilliantly designed graphic pieces.

The creative activation pieces are often a technical challenge to develop and build but they’re also a great fun to work on and take a lot of interesting workshops and discussions to get right. They are a credit to our in-house development team who always go above and beyond in creating something amazing that the users love!