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Are you a dd team player?

Everyone wants to hire A players. Who doesn’t? When we choose our A players we look for the following characteristics and traits.

A dd team member must:

  • Have curiosity in bucket-loads
  • Be logical and practical
  • Have humility
  • Not be over-brave outside their specialism (not make it up or wing it)
  • Know and embrace their limits
  • Excel at their sweet spot
  • Make everything digital their sweetspot
  • Be interested in other people and things and lap it all up with an open mind and an open heart
  • Have patience
  • Have a good eye for detail
  • Have a good eye for design
  • Have good judgment (build evidence, use your experience, think different)
  • Not be quick to judge others
  • Be able to talk to anyone 
  • Be honest
  • Be brave
  • Be sociable
  • Embrace diversity
  • Get stuff done
  • Know when to stop

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